Mrs. Arlisa Hrncir » Audio/Video Technology

Audio/Video Technology

Video and Audio Technology is centered on producing and editing videos.

The course includes, but is not limited to:
• Manipulating text, graphics and digital images for video and/or animation
• Related terminology.
• Steps, processes and procedures for producing video.

The Video Production course will introduce students to various phases and
processes of video/television/film production:

• Planning, script writing and storyboarding, research, collaboration with other team members, students, instructors and securing locations and permissions.

• Establishing basic camera operation, tripods, audio, lighting, consideration of camera angles, movement and position, and shot composition.

• Capturing video clips, transitions, effects, audio manipulation/effects and sound
effects, editing techniques.
• Importing and exporting images, graphics, animations and clips, applying filters
and effects to video, graphics, audio tracks.

• View and discuss professional films, documentaries, commercials, student
projects, etc.
• Completing specific video production projects in teams and individually.
• Outlining work, writing scripts/narratives and developing storyboards.
• Selecting appropriate music and/or sound effects.
• Shooting, capturing, and editing video footage.
• Shooting, capturing, editing and adding graphics to 30‐90 second productions.
• Rolling credits.
• Creating and editing audio tracks that fits with the production

Programs learned include: iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and Garage Band

Prerequisite: teacher approval