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Mrs. Jill Patton » Syllabus & Rules

Syllabus & Rules

World Geography Syllabus


Course Goal: Gain a working knowledge of our physical environment and its impact on our          history and life styles, thus allowing us to better understand the nature of the world and the events that take place in it.

Course Objectives:

-Demonstrate the knowledge of location, landforms and resources of cultural regions.

-Develop skills in the use of maps, globes and other graphic tools to acquire and process             geographic information. 

-Relate how geography has affected the economic, social and cultural development of cultural regions. 

-Analyze problems that challenge people from various cultural regions.

-Apply various geographic concepts globally, not just in our backyard!

Expectations: Each student will need to maintain pace with the required assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects. Be responsible and accountable

Grading/Evaluation: The Franklin high school grade scale will apply:

  • Daily grades - 40%

 -in-class assignments, quizzes, maps, daily work, bellwork, etc.

  • Tests/projects - 60% (Special projects as assigned. One per 9 weeks)

Make-up work: The criteria in the Student-Parent Handbook will be enforced

  • Work assigned prior to student’s absence will be due when the student returns
  • Work assigned during a student’s absence will be due as follows: one day absence: one day to turn in, 2 day absence: 2 days to turn in, etc.
  • Planned absences require the student to inform me in advance and develop a plan for completing all work to be missed.

Late Work: the grade on work that is not completed by the due date will lose 10 points a day until it is turned in. 

Extra credit:  I provide approximately 20-25 extra credit points each grading period, so please take advantage of this!  Do not come to me at the end of the 9 weeks begging for extra credit if you have not done any of the readily available opportunities!


BYOT Classroom/Cell Phones: Technology devices are allowed in my classroom; however, they are not to be used without permission or for social purposes.  Devices used without my permission will be confiscated and taken to the office. Students must keep their cell phones/technology put away unless they are instructed to use them for a particular classroom activity/assignment.



-Blue/black ink pens

-1 or 2 inch binder

-Map pencils


Google Classroom: The majority of my class lessons, notes, assignments, and test reviews are available 24 hours a day on Google Classroom.  Every single student at Franklin High School has a school provided Google Account to access Google classroom; as well as, all Google    programs (i.e. Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Forms, etc) that they can access from ANY COMPUTER with internet access at any time.



1)  Show & Earn Respect
2)  Be accountable
3)  Come to class prepared
4)  Maintain a positive attitude