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JH Volleyball Schedule/Info

Welcome to my JH Volleyball page!
Please keep in mind that times are approximate and also depend on if other schools in our district have all 4 teams or not.
All HOME games will be played in both the FMS gym and FHS Competition Gym at the same time to get our athletes home at a more reasonable time.  All 7th grade matches will be played in the FMS Gym, while all 8th grade matches will be played in the FHS Competition Gym. 
A Remind 101 group will be created the first week of school to inform parents of departure/arrival times, and any other information regarding the JH volleyball program.  Volleyball athletes will be given a Remind 101 form; please fill it out and return if you would like to be included in this group. (Highly recommended!)
Click on attachment below for JH volleyball schedule (Includes 7th & 8th grade games)