Mrs. Arlisa Hrncir » Digital Art and Animation

Digital Art and Animation

Digital Art and Animation is an exciting, cutting-edge, hands-on technology class where you will be introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud. Creative Cloud includes, but is not limited to, Photoshop (raster-based program), Illustrator (vector-based program), InDesign (layout program, also used for our yearbook publication) and Animate (animation program).

This course consists of a series of lessons, covering the tools and functions of all of these software programs.

When you are finished with this classes, you will have all the tools to be an awesome graphic designer!

1st Nine Weeks - Intro to computers, computer safety, copyright laws, Adobe Illustrator
2nd Nine Weeks - Finish up Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
3rd Nine Weeks -  Adobe Animate and Adobe InDesign
4th Nine Weeks - Adobe InDesign and wrap up of year

Prerequisite: Teacher approval