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Welcome back! I hope you have had a great summer and I look forward to this school year. To introduce myself, my name is Amy Starkey and I teach Geometry, Math Models and Applications (MMA) or as the kids like to call it “Mixed Martial Arts”, and College Prep.


In geometry, the students will learn all the rules about the common shapes your child has learned about throughout elementary and junior high years.


MMA is a course that “bridges” Algebra I and Algebra II together and refreshes students on their Algebra I skills. In this class, students will also learn about finance. They will discuss how to finance vehicles, homes, loans, etc. I will have several speakers come and talk to your children about finance.


College Prep is a course that will allow any student, who did not pass the math portion of the TSI exam, to take the two remedial math course from Blinn. If they pass these two courses, Blinn’s Math 310 and 312, they will be able to go directly into Blinn’s College Algebra class instead of taking these two remedial math courses.

Daily Schedule:
PERIOD 1: Geometry(7:55-8:43)
PERIOD 2: Geometry (8:47-9:37)
PERIOD 3: MMA(9:41-10:29)
PERIOD 4: MMA (10:33-11:21)
      1ST LUNCH: (11:21-11:51)
PERIOD 5: Conference(11:25-12:44)
PERIOD 6: College Prep (12:48-1:36)
PERIOD 7: Geometry (1:40-2:28)
PERIOD 8: Geometry (2:32-3:20)